Focus Groups Terms of Reference

The Nonproliferation and Arms Control Technology Working Group (NPAC TWG) has been established by the President of the United States to be the mechanism to ensure effective coordination of arms control and nonproliferation-related research and development (R&D) as well as guarding against redundancy in these R&D and technology programs within and among departments and agencies.

In accomplishing the foregoing functions, the NPAC TWG may establish Subcommittees, Working Groups and Focus Groups in such functional or topical R&D areas as necessary to conduct in depth analyses. The NPAC TWG Co-chairs will define a general statement of objectives for each Subcommittee, Working Group or Focus Group, and will appoint the group chairs and vice-chairs ensuring representation from other agencies and organizations to adequately address the specific area of focus. Chairs of NPAC TWG Subcommittees, Working Groups and Focus Groups will arrange assistance from within their own agencies and from other agencies represented on the Subcommittees, Working Groups and Focus Groups. As part of their responsibilities each group will conduct an in-depth analysis of their respective focus area providing the NPAC TWG with a summary report which will include, as appropriate:

  • a statement of the arms control or nonproliferation objective (e.g., response to a defined requirement, development of a specific technology, or basic research); and an overview of R&D programs within the focus area including the:
  • sponsoring agency/organization;
  • performing agency/organization;
  • technology program;
  • budget;
  • focus/objective of research;
  • identification and description of gaps;
  • identification and description of overlaps (necessary/unnecessary duplication);
  • identification and description of synergy/leverage opportunities;
  • recommendations for added emphasis; and
  • recommendation for a focus area programs coordinating agency/organization.