NonProliferation and Arms Control (NPAC) Technology Working Group (TWG )

NPAC TWG - Biological Weapons Detection Focus Group

Major Focus

The Biological Weapons Detection Focus Group objectives are to identify national BW-related needs and requirements, to identify technologies and programs currently being developed or applied, to identify technology areas and programs that could support national BW defense related needs, to identify gaps and overlaps among programs, and to provide information and recommendations to the senior decision makers.

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Technologies of Interest :

Biological Weapons Detection Focus Group Conferences  
  • advanced mass spectrometry detection
  • aerosol science and monitoring
  • bio storage facility advanced technology
  • biological field detection
  • methods for screening for biological components
  • point detector technologies: nucleic acid based; antibody based; mass spectrometer based; or whole cell based
To further support the efforts of the arms control and nonproliferation communities the NPAC TWG Conference Page will provide information on upcoming workshops and conferences. It will be updated continuously. If you want a relevant conference to be included, email


  • Biotechnology Industry Organization --
    This organization maintains a very large list of conferences in the field of biotechnology organized by date.
  • The Gordon Research Conferences provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies.
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Biological Weapons Detection-POCs:
Amy Wolf 321-494-2875




Brian Nordmann 202-647-2408    


Freida McCoy 703-983-7789