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NPAC TWG - The members of this working group represent federal agencies throughout the US government. The NPAC TWG's primary concern centers around the three currently active focus groups. The NPAC TWG Charter and the terms of reference for the focus groups outline the mission.

NPAC TWG Overview

The United States faces significant challenges in arms control and nonproliferation. The NPAC TWG was created by Presidential Directive as the mechanism to coordinate the research and development (R&D) response to these challenges. In order to pursue US initiatives in these areas and remain within resource limits, NPAC member agencies must adopt vigorous, creative and coordinated approaches to R&D programs as well as the subsequent application of resultant technologies. Major areas in which the US must optimize its return on R&D efforts and ensure effective use of technologies include the following: nuclear, biological, chemical, and missile nonproliferation; the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I); the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT); the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC); the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC); as well as ongoing negotiations in such areas as nuclear materials cutoff, nuclear disarmament and regional security.


To further support the efforts of the arms control and nonproliferation communities the NPAC TWG Events Calendar will provide information on upcoming workshops and conferences. It will be updated continuously. If you want a relevant conference to be included, email